Securing and sharing knowledge

Video content as a knowledge platform

Government organizations have an immense amount of knowledge. One pressing problem is securing and sharing that knowledge not only within your organization but also between different departments and governments. That broad knowledge is only valuable if it can be found and used without endless hours spent searching. There is no holy grail, but the importance of findable and exchangeable knowledge is rapidly increasing.

GetyourStudio is an all-in-one, low-cost video studio focused on visual storage and sharing internal knowledge. You no longer need to outsource your video production. GetYourStudio lets you easily create and record diverse information. Since it is in-house, GetyourStudio is at your disposal any day or time.

We have created four different user-friendly video studios. The options range from recording/broadcasting a lecture, to facilitating a think tank meeting. From supporting and recording a seminar to making a video instruction demonstrating how to put new equipment into use, these are just a few examples of what is possible in the new studio.

Even for the government, knowledge can be shared naturally through the creation and distribution of videos. Check the products on our site to see which solution best suits your needs.