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Inform and improve with video

Video, an impulse for corporate culture

More and more colleagues can present

In our visual world, we form judgments and opinions based on images. So why do we make annual reports, quarterly presentations, and welcome programs in boring static documents or PowerPoint presentations now that more useful and engaging video is so easy to create?

Making good video content is often expensive and complicated, and the costs for hiring an external recording studio can be very high. Video is an indispensable part of contemporary communication and will only increase in importance in the coming years. And not only for external communication aimed at marketing and sales. Internal communication to staff, shareholders, or other stakeholders can also be much more streamlined, effective, flashy, and engaging with video content.

There is just so much more you can do with video. Think of training and assessing knowledge through e-learning or in-house professional certification.

In the academic world, sharing knowledge through video is now the norm. New, young colleagues in your company don't know anything else, and you can include them naturally in the business environment by using the form of communication they are most comfortable with. Older colleagues will quickly and easily join this contemporary form of presentation, learning, and certification. Video has proven to be successful time and again. Before you know it, the marketing and sales staff will be in the studio every day to contact their target groups with compelling content they created.

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