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Entrepreneurship is a high-performance sport: excellence is the goal. The company must run optimally. As an entrepreneur, you continuously make choices when setting up an organization: what is the core, which parts of the process do you keep in-house, and when to remain lean-and-mean by outsourcing? For marketing, sales, and internal use, video no longer needs to be outsourced. Creating the videos yourself leads to authenticity, speed, and control over the outcome. Social media is the increasingly dominant communication medium, and video is the vehicle of choice.

Broadcast quality video is no longer the domain of a few studios. Universities were the first to discover the unprecedented possibilities of producing their videos. In the academic world, the founders of GetyourStudio made their mark in studio design and e-learning. Now, it is standard practice for teachers and professors to record videos or do webinars in a studio on campus. In that environment, sharing with students or fellow academics is a piece of cake. GetyourStudio brings both convenience and broadcast quality to businesses.

GetyourStudio's all-in-one and turnkey solutions turn your staff into storytellers and video professionals, without huge investments or complicated technical implementations. Call one of our employees or partners today for more information.