Video as a knowledge platform

Knowledge, sharing, tracking, quick deployment and securing

No industry is under more pressure or more in the spotlight than healthcare. The expectations are sky-high, and the workload is non-stop and relentless. Developments happen so fast that employees must be continuously informed and trained.

Providing more engaging and accessible training means the latest training and information can be put into practice faster. From new equipment, and recently developed medicines, to the treatment of rare diseases and new procedures, tailor-made video instructions can ensure a fast learning cycle, in a class or through self-study.

GetyourStudio is an all-in-one video studio focused on making videos quickly and in-house. The studio is accessible and intuitive for creating video content, so effective instruction content can be made rapidly and with seamless integration with webinar software, social media platforms, and cloud solutions. The studio is delivered complete, and we can install it for you, making it ready for immediate use.