• In-House DIY Video Studios: turnkey, operate without AV knowledge

    • Your in-house videostudio for webinars, e-learning, tutorials, or talk shows.
    • Operational within days, no complex setup required.
    • Features unique, automated video directing software.
    • Operable by one person, no technical skills or costly experts needed.
  • Video is the ultimate communication tool

    For live streams and recorded content - from webinars and green screens to multi-camera talk shows.

    Ideal for product presentations, knowledge sharing, onboarding videos, or live shopping, all self-managed, dynamic, accessible, and with significant cost reduction.

Produce high-quality, dynamic video content with our comprehensive solution of hardware and smart directing software.

Ideal for corporates, SMEs, healthcare, education, non-profits, and government looking to regularly create video content like presentations, trainings, webinars, talk shows, video podcasts, or e-learning modules.

Your in-house video studio

all-in-one and plug-and-play
Producing broadcast quality video content without complicated implementations. Operated by one person without hiring AV professionals.

For any type of event, live, recorded or hybrid. For webinars, talk shows, trainings, product presentations, onboarding, knowledge transfer or live shopping.

  • All-in-one, plug-and-play video studios

  • All encompassing package, including hardware, setup, training, remote support, and software

  • Broadcast-level quality without huge investments or complex implementations

  • Flawless integration with webinar, e-learning, and live-shopping software

  • User-friendly operation, manageable by a single individual, eliminating the need for AV professionals

  • Now more accessible than ever with lease options starting from just €299 per month

Seamless integration.

Perfect balance between hardware and software.

  • Create, record and live stream your videos effortlessly
  • Maximize budget, reduce costs per video without quality compromise
  • Easy operation, no technical skills required
  • Seamless integration with diverse AV hardware for smooth experiences
  • Start creating professional content now. Contact us for more info

Effortless control at your fingertips.

Thanks to the One-touch control panel.

Effortlessly control with the unique One-touch panel: seamlessly switch between camera angles, presentations, media, Teams guest speakers, or polls with customizable buttons and icons. Easily create professional, dynamic livestreams and recordings without technical knowledge or external assistance.

All-in-one studio solutions
with smart software


    Fully-equipped 2-camera video studio

    Professional, mobile, and affordable. It supports two cameras and microphones. Ideal for video productions like training, e-learning, onboarding, presentations, or live shopping.

    Inclusive of hardware, smart video production software, setup, training, and remote assistance, starting from €12,500. Or available for lease at €299 a month.

  • PRO

    Comprehensive all-in-one video studio

    Unlimited possibilities with our extensive video studio, standard expandable to 4 cameras and 6 microphones. Extremely suitable for training sessions, presentations, or talk shows and interviews.

    A comprehensive, plug-and-play solution for creating professional video content, requiring no AV expertise and featuring our innovative, intelligent directing software and including premium Canon PTZ cameras.

  • PRO XL

    Our most comprehensive all-in-one video studio

    Featuring 3 Full HD PTZ cameras, a teleprompter, and standard expandability to up to 6 cameras and 8 mics. Ideal for (live) webinars, events with guest speakers, interviews, talk shows, and, for example, quarterly presentations.

    A comprehensive, plug-and-play solution for creating professional video content, requiring no AV expertise and featuring our innovative, intelligent directing software and including premium Canon PTZ cameras.

  • PRO 4K

    Stream & record in 4K / UHD image quality

    Stream and record in unparalleled 4K/UHD image quality. All components are equipped in 4K 12G SDI, for recordings and streams in very high resolution. Standard expandable to up to 6 cameras and 8 mics.

    A complete, turnkey 4K video studio including StudioAssist, our smart video production software, to produce professional video content without the need for AV expertise. Including premium Canon 4K PTZ cameras


    Podcast studio and video studio in one

    A comprehensive, ready-to-use solution for creating professional podcasts, video podcasts, and additional video content without requiring AV expertise. It features our distinctive, smart directing software.

    The package includes a complete 4-person Rode Podcaster PRO II set and GetyourStudio BASIC with two premium PTZ cameras.


    Tailor-made studio solution with standard parts

    Our most flexible solution without high investments or complicated installations.

    With pre-assembled and tried-and-true standard GetyourStudio components.

Smart video production software

Manage all your AV equipment from a singular interface

StudioAssist, smart video production software designed for effortlessly creating multi-camera livestreams and recordings.
Embrace a do-it-yourself approach with no AV expertise required.

StudioAssist revolutionizes video production by enabling anyone, even without AV -expertise, to create professional multi-camera videos for webinars, e-learnings, talk shows, and other digital events. Live streaming, recording, or a hybrid approach, StudioAssist offers a faster, more accessible, cost-effective, and professional solution, eliminating the need to hire AV specialists.

Our client cases

Our solutions are ideally suited for governments, healthcare institutions, non-profit organizations, commercial organizations, e-learning programmes. Also take a look at the other customer cases.


Full service digital marketing agency

LTO Nederland/ Agripers

Government organisation, multimedia company, publisher

Zorg van de Zaak

Occupational health service, medical care, maternity care

Luchtvaart Community Schiphol (LCS)


Promedia Group

Multimedia company, publisher


Consultancy organization

ICI Paris XL

Retail organisation, perfume business


Government organization, responsible for the Dutch railway network

De Jong Duke

Manufacturer and distributor

La Gro Geelkerken

Full-service law firm

    The importance of video is more apparent than ever

    Online video has been on the rise in recent years and the Covid-19 crisis has made the importance of video even more apparent. Video is the ideal way to share knowledge, convince markets and train and certify colleagues or other professionals.

    GetyourStudio all-in-on package
    GetyourStudio Software operation

    All-in-one — turnkey

    Imagine walking into your own turnkey video studio, and an hour later, your video is online, ready to share!

    In-house video creation

    GetyourStudio enables you to make in-house videos productions without the need for external AV specialists.

    For any organization

    Ideal for commercial organizations, healthcare, and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, government institutions....

    Long-term experience

    The team behind GetyourStudio is deeply rooted in the media world and the e-learning industry.

    Curious about the possibilities for your organisation?

    Then please contact us or schedule an online demo.