Control your in-house video studio with StudioAssist.

Smart software that automates video content creation without requiring any AV expertise.

Quickly and easily operate cameras, light, sound, and script from one interface. Focus on creativity. Developed by GetyourStudio. Powered by GetyourStudio.

Seamless integration.

Perfect balance between hardware and software.

  • Seamlessly integrates all provided AV-hardware for a smooth user experience.
  • Easily create and live stream your own videos.
  • Cost-effective solution with lower expenses per video.
  • No specialized AV-expertise required to operate the video studio.
  • Complete package for professional, broadcast-quality content.

Suitable for a wide range of formats, including training sessions, presentations, talk shows, or webinars.

Easily manage all AV devices through a singular, intuitive interface, designed to be user-friendly even for beginners with no prior video knowledge.

Conveniently accessible and readily available, drastically reducing the cost per video.

Entirely do-it-yourself and no more video post-processing required.

Boring Powerpoints are out; engagement is in

More sources, more dynamics, more impact.

Boring Powerpoints are out, engagement is in; speed and dynamism are crucial. StudioAssist lets you effortlessly switch between camera angles and various sources such as videos, websites, external speakers in e.g. Teams, mobile phones, polls, and chats, all on your own and without technical knowledge.

Minimize stress and maximize efficiency.

With StudioAssist software, you can quickly switch between sources and media.

Using our integrated script rundown, creating your own videos is quite simple. With a script, you can instantly access all the recording's settings and media without looking or being surprised. You may swiftly move between different camera views, PowerPoints, video files, and other types of material in this way. One person can control the entire stage while the recording is taking place. Even the presenter themselves can do that for straightforward presentations. A button press can start certain scenes and settings.

One script per recording.

Utilize one succinct script per recording for organized live streams or recordings.

  • Every production features a unique script/rundown
  • Preserve script and design formats for future use
  • Instant readiness for subsequent broadcasts
  • Eliminate unexpected occurrences during recording or live streams

Incredibly user-friendly operation.

Thanks to the One-touch control panel.

In addition to software operation, the One-touch control panel provides intuitive control over presentations, files, and video sources. It enables the selection of camera angles and launching of additional script files. With its clear buttons and customizable icons, this panel enhances live streams or recordings, negating the need for a director or cameraman.

Instantly compatible with all available platforms.

Compatible with relevant platforms and applications.

Our StudioAssist software is inherently compatible with platforms including Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar, Google Meet, Webex, Kaltura, Bigmarker, Bluejeans, YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook Live. With a one-time login, immediate recording and streaming are at your fingertips, connecting you with your audience whenever you wish.

A good base.

Endless possibilities.

GetyourStudio builds and supplies ready-to-use multi-camera video studios that you can operate yourself thanks to the StudioAssist software developed in-house. From a single interface, anyone may control all of the AV equipment in the GetyourStudio system. Therefore, enterprises do not need to engage AV specialists and can instead concentrate on the content rather than the technology. Since we only utilize the best components from leading brands, high quality is guaranteed.

Voor diverse toepassingen

zoals webinar, e-laerning, training, talkshow, videopodcast of elk ander digitaal of hybride event.

Werk met diverse bestandsformaten

en integreer presentaties, clips, pdfs etc. in de video opname

Perfecte broadcast kwaliteit

zonder de complexiteit professioneel opnemen en livestreamen

Additional Modules.

StudioAssist is a powerfull software solution, boasting an intuitive design and modular scalability for enhanced extensibility.

StudioAssist in short.

Unleash your creativity and let the software handle the rest.

  • No AV knowledge required
  • Operate all equipment from one interface
  • Presenter control enabled
  • Extensive scripting options
  • Record and live stream to populair platforms
  • Presets for sound, camera positions, and image cropping
  • Picture-in-picture with flexible formats and positions
  • Logo display capabilities
  • Modular expandability options:
    Green screen integration, lower thirds, graphics, and mobile phone integration

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