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Video is the most effective vehicle for sharing knowledge. Webinars, seminars, learning, e-learning, video tutorials, online certifications, and so on. Incorporating video nowadays plays an essential role in all these activities. Hear from our customers how they use GetyourStudio for professional webinars, online interviews and product presentations, among other things.


Full service digital marketing agency
Usage: events, interview, marketing, product, talk show, training, education and webinars.

Adwise is a full-service digital marketing agency that aims to realise marketing objectives of companies all over the Netherlands and Europe. With a team of more than 130 professionals, Adwise thinks strategically to shape brand awareness, positioning and campaigns.

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According to Jeroen Roozendaal, operations manager at Adwise, video is an exploding medium that is becoming increasingly important. As digital-first has become the norm, video is displacing written communication. This can also be seen in podcasting, where video has become first. "Even Spotify, a streaming service that originally offered only audio, has now adapted and added video," Jeroen says.

The video studio is a resource that can be deployed within Adwise by any self-managing team. Its ease of use undeniably helps with that. An initial visit to the demo studios in Utrecht convinced me immediately. Hardware that enables professional service. The software made GetyourStudio's proposition unique. Anyone can operate everything from a single interface. This makes the studio broadly applicable for Adwise to make its own videos and offer the video studio to clients and relations.

LTO Nederland/ Agripers

Government organisation, multimedia company, publisher
Usage: talk shows, interviews webinars, green screen.

Agripers is part of the Dutch Agricultural and Horticultural Organization (LTO Netherlands), an employers' organization for farmers and horticulturists. Agripers produces journalistic content through various channels such as videos, webinars, newspapers, magazines, books, apps and social media.

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Agripers has a complete studio in both Den Bosch and Zwolle including talk show settings, lounge settings, webinars and green screen. In addition, this beautiful studio is also rented out to local stakeholders.

Zorg van de Zaak

Occupational health service, medical care, maternity care
Usage: including webinars, talk shows, green screens, training, and knowledge transfer. Internal and external.

Zorg van de Zaak Netwerk is the largest health and safety service provider in the Netherlands, reaching over 1.3 million working people through 67,000 employers.They guide employers and employees in the field of well-being, vitality, prevention and employability.

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The organization works with specialists such as doctors, psychologists and security experts who are kept informed of developments in their field through video content. Zorg van de Zaak Netwerk uses GetyourStudio for webinars, training courses and education, both for internal and external use.

Luchtvaart Community Schiphol (LCS)

Usage: e.g. recruitment and selection, webinars, training and knowledge transfer.

LCS is a foundation with funding partners Royal Schiphol Group, the ROC of Amsterdam-Flevoland and Royal Dutch Airline KLM. The board is formed by representatives of the funding partners. Connecting business, education and government is the core business of LCS.

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With a talkshow and webinar setting, Luchtwaart Community Schiphol produces videos for events and training sessions. Both fully online and hybrid.

Promedia Group

Multimedia company, publisher
Usage: including talk shows, interviews, webinars, external rentals.

ProMedia Group is a multimedia company and publisher of business-to-business trade magazines in the mobility, traffic and transport sectors. Every day, Promedia informs directors, managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals about developments in their fields.

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Promedia also organises high-quality (inter)national conferences and trade fairs in the sectors with its titles. Promedia reaches more than 1 million professionals in the transport, mobility & maritime sector every month.


Consultancy organization
Usage: e.g. training courses, sales presentations, and knowledge transfer.

Motion5 is an consultancy organization that assists their clients in achieving commercial objectives worldwide. The concept of GetyourStudio fits seamlessly with the wishes of Motion5. The studio and software are both standardized, user-friendly and without the need for AV experts.

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Motion5 creates in their studio instructional videos for the Motion5 Academy; streams live webinars and creates video presentations for potential clients and daily meetings.

ICI Paris XL

Retail organisation, perfume business
Usage: training, live shopping, green screen.

ICI PARIS XL is a perfumery chain with 268 stores spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany and part of the largest drugstore chain in the world. The Dutch organisation deploys the GetyourStudio setup for product training and education for the internal organisation as well as for live shopping.

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A seamless integration of GetyourStudio with the live shopping platform BamBuser gives the organisation a unique opportunity for online profiling and connection with their customers. Focused on education, product presentation, online sales and increasing shop traffic.


Government organization, responsible for the Dutch railway network
Usage: technical support, product/sales presentations, training, green screen.

ProRail is responsible for the railway network in the Netherlands. ProRail has opted for its own video studio and has become professional at regularly making short videos. Without hiring external locations and AV experts. Independent, in-house and completely with own talent.

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During Corona, involving, informing and connecting became even more important in the communication of the organization. ProRail quickly switched to online meetings via Teams and webinars. To ensure that the Board of Directors could stay in touch with the employees, it regularly moved to external locations with studio facilities. Costs skyrocketed. Undesirable for an organization that works with public funds.

ProRail has cleared a large space for the video studio in the monumental building in Utrecht. Various settings have been made: from talk show to presentation, but also webinars and recordings in a green screen environment. After a year and a half with her own video studio, Linda has lost count of the number of video productions made in the studio by the team. The investment is recouped by the organization within a year.

De Jong Duke

Manufacturer and distributor
Usage: technical support, product/sales presentations, training, green screen.

Supplier of reliable and user-friendly coffee machines for any working environment. Delicious coffee. Anytime, anywhere. Without fuss. With a presentation set-up, it shows its organisation and customers the capabilities of the machines and knowledge of the types of coffee.

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Videos are also made available for machine maintenance.

La Gro Geelkerken

Full-service law firm
Usage: e.g. webinars, training courses, and knowledge transfer. Internal and external.

La Gro Geelkerken Advocaten is an entrepreneurial medium-sized law firm that uses various media for client retention; knowledge transfer and lead generation. In addition to a modern website, events and podcasts are important communication tools.

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Video was deployed in various ways from webinar with a good webcam to hiring a professional video crew with ditto equipment. The GetyourStudio proposition appealed immediately; complete, ready-made and suitable to get started yourself. RentyourStudio was used for an important hybrid event. Rental of a full studio for one day, including a specialist. The complete unburdening certainly contributed to a successful event.

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