Client case studies

Video is the most effective vehicle for sharing knowledge. Webinars, seminars, learning, e-learning, video tutorials, online certifications, and so on. Incorporating video nowadays plays an essential role in all these activities. Hear from our customers how they use GetyourStudio for professional webinars, online interviews and product presentations, among other things.

Zorg van de Zaak Netwerk
occupational health service, medical care, maternity care

Zorg van de Zaak Netwerk guides employers and employees in the field of well-being, vitality, prevention and employability. The organization works with specialists such as doctors, psychologists and security experts who are kept informed of developments in their field through video content. Zorg van de Zaak Netwerk uses GetyourStudio for webinars, training courses and education, both for internal and external use.

Multifunctional studio with 3 cameras

LTO Bedrijven/ Agripers
Publisher/ media company

Agripers is part of the Dutch Agricultural and Horticultural Organization (LTO Netherlands), an employers' organization for farmers and horticulturists. Agripers produces journalistic content through various channels such as videos, webinars, newspapers, magazines, books, apps and social media. Agripers has a complete multi-camera studio from GetyourStudio in both Zwolle and Den Bosch. Agripers uses the studio for talk show settings and webinars, among other things.

Luchtvaart Community Schiphol (LCS)

LCS is a foundation with funding partners Royal Schiphol Group, the ROC of Amsterdam-Flevoland and Royal Dutch Airline KLM. The board is formed by representatives of the funding partners. Connecting business, education and government is the core business of LCS.
LCS uses a GetyourStudio PRO with 3 cameras for webinars, online trainings, general communication and hosting talk shows.

Table setting / interview setting with 3 PTZ cameras.

Consultancy organization

Motion5 is an consultancy organization that assists their clients in achieving commercial objectives worldwide. The concept of GetyourStudio fits seamlessly with the wishes of Motion5. The studio and software are both standardized, user-friendly and without the need for AV experts. Motion5 creates in their studio instructional videos for the Motion5 Academy; streams live webinars and creates video presentations for potential clients and daily meetings.

The Broadcaster
Media company

Frank du Mosch, former television presenter and owner of media company The Broadcaster in the Netherlands, uses a GetyourStudio PRO with 3 cameras to give professional webinars and online interviews.

Table setting / interview setting with 3 PTZ cameras.

Mobility Media

Mobility Media, Amsterdam, publisher of renowned trade media including The multimedia company and publisher uses GetyourStudio Pro XL table set-up and interview set-up with 4 PTZ cameras.

Table setting and interview setting with 4 PTZ cameras

L'Oréal Professionnel
Cosmetics and beauty products

L'Oréal Professionnel in the Netherlands use GetyourStudio Pro XL for webinars, product presentations and training sessions with 3 PTZ cameras and 1 handheld camera.

Studio for webinars, product presentations and training

Safety region Gelderland-South

Government organisation, partnership between municipalities, fire brigade, ambulance services, police and the public prosecutor's office.
Education, training and the provision of public information are core tasks of a Safety region. During the Covid crisis, GetyourStudio was an essential part of communication. After the Covid crisis, GetyourStudio PRO is still frequently used for digital training courses, webinars and information provision.

GetyourStudio PRO with 2 PTZ cameras

Knowledge institute

Together with people in practice we develop and implement knowledge of what really works well. Movisie’s unique contribution is in accelerating learning processes. We are not satisfied until we effectuate sustainable positive change in the lives of people in vulnerable situations. Movisie uses a GetyourStudio PRO with 3 cameras for online courses, webinars and training for professionals, managers and policy makers in the social domain.

Video studio for training and webinars

Welkoop Retail
Retail chain

Welkoop, a retail formula with more than 150 shops in the field of garden and animal, uses a GetyourStudio PRO for training purposes and to communicate online with the employees in the stores.

GetyourStudio PRO with 2 cameras
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