Sustainability Principle of GetyourStudio:

GetyourStudio is actively committed to responsible business practices with a high regard for environmental conservation and efficient energy use.

A significant sustainability impact comes from GetyourStudio's primary idea of promoting the use of video as a communication tool, which substantially reduces the need for travel. As a result, more and more organizations opt to conduct their internal and external communication via video, resulting in fewer trips and a reduced impact on the environment.

GetyourStudio's innovative do-it-yourself concept allows users of our studios to operate with significantly less staff; for most types of broadcasts, only one person is needed. This lowers the need to hire external specialists who would otherwise travel to the location, contributing to a more efficient and conscious business operation. Thanks to GetyourStudio's mobile core equipment, it can also be easily moved to different spaces or locations, reducing the necessity for hiring external specialists and additional equipment.

Investments in the most advanced equipment enable GetyourStudio to achieve significant savings in energy consumption. This is especially noticeable in the use of LED lighting and screens, but also applies to other equipment. GetyourStudio's philosophy focuses on turning all equipment on or off with the push of a button. By employing zone lighting, which is controlled with a DMX controller, it is determined which part of the lighting is turned on for each broadcast, not only saving energy but also keeping the studio noticeably cooler.

A crucial aspect of the studio includes the decor and furniture. The decor builder GetyourStudio collaborates with has followed the "Reduce-Reuse-Recycle" principle for years and has made sustainability a core priority in their business operations. By using a carbon calculator and collaborating with Forliance, the carbon footprint of projects is measured and offset by investing in certified carbon credits, benefiting various global projects such as the Pacajai REDD+ project.

In the transport of sensitive equipment, the use of packaging material is inevitable. GetyourStudio carefully handles the separation of packaging materials, such as plastic, paper, and cardboard, during the setup of projects, keeping these materials completely separated and disposed of.