Welcome to GetyourStudio

GetyourStudio is based in Utrecht, in the heart of the Netherlands. The team behind GetyourStudio is deeply rooted in the media world and the e-learning industry and has decades of experience building studios for commercial organizations, healthcare and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or government institutions.

Our management

  • Marc Hak

    Responsible for marketing, commercial activities & business development

  • Jan Derksen

    Responsible for product development, software & integration

  • Jan-Harmen Witzenburg

    Responsible for strategic cooperations & Legal

Our specialists

  • Head of Marketing: Albert

    Software development/implementation: Rick and Jeroen

    Engineering/ implementation: Sebastiaan, Jeroen

    Product specialist: Sebastiaan

    Technical engineering/ production: Julian, Timo

    Finance: Fred

    GU/UX design: Rudolf

    Marketing and content creation : Bas

    Content manager/website creation: Paul (Stip Online)