• Podcast studio and 2-camera video studio in one system

    Expand your podcast reach with video recordings, create attractive video clips for marketing, or use this all-in-one studio for a variety of video applications.

Complete and fully integrated.

The perfect balance between podcast and video

  • Seamless integration of Podcast, audio, and video hardware
  • Complete system for creating professional podcasts and video content
  • Easily produce, record, and live stream podcasts independently
  • Much lower cost per podcast/video
  • No technical knowledge required

All-in-one studio for producing video podcasts, audio podcasts, and other video content

Powerful in function, simple to use
No technical knowledge required

Readily accessible and instantly available.
Leading to significantly reduced costs per video or podcast

Fully do-it-yourself
and without complex video post-production.

Complete solution

Faster, easier, cheaper, and more professional

Craft professional (video) podcasts on demand in your DIY studio, effortlessly managed by your team, no technical expertise needed.


StudioAssist software enables swift media switching.

Complete 4-person Rode Podcaster PRO II kit and GetyourStudio BASIC with 2 high-quality PTZ cameras, studio lighting, various microphones, screens, cables, control equipment, and software. Fully equipped, ready for professional podcast/video and video podcast recordings and livestreams.

Save time and reduce stress

With our user-friendly scripting software

Make video and podcast production simpler than ever with GetyourStudio's user-friendly scripting software. Everything in one script: from camera angles to media, for seamless transitions. Perfect direction, effortlessly by one person.

A single, organized script for each recording

Consistent and organized live streaming or recording

  • Each production has its own script
  • Save scripts as templates
  • Immediately ready for the next broadcast
  • No surprises during recording or livestream

Very easy to use

Thanks to the One-touch control panel

In addition to software control, the One-touch control panel allows for easy management. This panel activates predefined camera positions and opens presentations, files, or video sources. With its clear, fully customizable buttons and icons, anyone can create a dynamic live stream or recording without needing a director or cameraman.

Compatible with all popular platforms and applications

Control all equipment from a single interface.

StudioAssist, smart direction software for easily and accessibly producing multi-camera live streams and video recordings.

Focus on creativity and let the software handle the rest.

Video podcast studio overview:

  • Complete solution for Podcast studio and video studio
  • Includes 2 professional PTZ cameras and a complete 4-person podcast system
  • Control all equipment from a single interface
  • Includes very intuitive direction software
  • Record and livestream to popular platforms
  • Includes extensive studio lighting
  • Includes various microphones, screens, cables, and control equipment
  • Fully complete and modularly expandable
  • Immediately ready for professional podcast/video and video podcast recordings and livestreams

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