GetyourStudio ENTERPRISE

Tailor-made studio solution with various preassembled and tested GetyourStudio components


GetyourStudio's ENTERPRISE solution is not a standard, off-the-shelf studio requiring customization. The studio solution combines specific criteria using all standard components and benefits of the other GetyourStudio packages.


During a discovery interview, we identify your wishes and needs. For example, how many camera positions are needed, which rear wall or screen is preferred? Which - and how many - screens are required? Or the number of microphones and LED lights that are desired? Together, we analyze the video programs that you have in mind. Based on this data, we can easily match your needs and wishes to the possibilities of the GetyourStudio ENTERPRISE.


GetyourStudio ENTERPRISE is GetyourStudio's most flexible solution without the need for costly investments or complex installation processes. The ENTERPRISE is based on proven, standard components of the other GetyourStudio products while offering flexibility for adjustments and extensions.

GetyourStudio ENTERPRISE in short

  • Tailor-made studio solution based on specific needs
  • Same standard components as other GetyourStudio packages
  • GetyourStudio's most flexible solution without costly investments or complicated installations
  • Numerous options for customizations and extensions
  • StudioAssist, GetyourStudio's smart video production software.

Curious about the possibilities for your organisation?

Then please contact us or visit our demo studios in Utrecht.