GetyourStudio tailor-made services



We understand better than anyone that organizing a live event can be pretty exciting, and nothing should go wrong. This is especially true if it is an important event with many participants. Because the GetyourStudio customers all work with systems compiled by us, we know the equipment inside out. The software that links everything together has even been developed by ourselves. This way, we can take all technical worries off your hands. There is no technical stress for the broadcast, and you can focus entirely on the content.

If necessary, we can also rent out extra equipment, such as additional microphones, an extra camera or some more lighting. After all, that one crucial live broadcast can sometimes require more resources than the delivered system. That's no problem either. GetyourStudio's consultants are experienced in supervising all kinds of events, live streamed or recorded. For a fraction of the cost (after all, the equipment is already present) of an external AV supplier, a GetyourStudio consultant can supervise the event. Activities include:

  • Switching cameras
  • Switching external speakers in the broadcast
  • Using PowerPoint presentations
  • Optimally adjusting the microphones of the speakers
  • Starting a live stream with your desired software
  • Creating the right light situation and optimizing the lighting

We offer this support from 500 euros for half a day.



Providing live streams or working with a video studio is still relatively new for many people. Multiple cameras, sound, light, control equipment, various screens, and other equipment can be intimidating. Although the GetyourStudio hardware and software are widely known for the high degree of user-friendliness and intuitiveness, good training is essential to get started quickly with GetyourStudio.

A Super-user can get the most out of the GetyourStudio setup and products. After training, the users and super-users are able:

  • Work smoothly with more cameras
  • Set, save, and recall camera presets for directing
  • Operate advanced function of the StudioAssist software
  • Highlight different settings such as a talk show or standing presenter behind a desk
  • Prepare in-call PowerPoints or videos
  • Creation of more dynamics in the image through techniques such as Picture-in-Picture (PiP) or adding logos
  • Optimal audio per speaker
  • Allow guest speakers to 'dial in' via Teams or Zoom
  • Quickly start live streams for platforms like Teams and Zoom

The training sessions are usually in your studio location and take place in groups of 3 to 4. The GetyourStudio consultants who provide the training are generally the same consultants who also took care of the implementation and know the on-site situation well. GetyourStudio also offers user training or technical training for administrators.

We offer all this support from approx. 500 euros for half a day. Contact us for more information.