GetyourStudio BASIC

The BASIC is the most affordable all-in-one studio from GetyourStudio.


The BASIC is the most affordable all-in-one studio from GetyourStudio. The BASIC includes a high-quality broadcast-quality PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) camera, in combination with all the necessary equipment to optimally adjust and tune sound, light and images to record and stream. With the GetyourStudio BASIC, you can easily create live streams or video content at the level of a professional studio in-house, at your location, without the help of technicians.

GetyourStudio BASIC is a one-camera solution consisting of a broadcast-quality video PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera with 20x optical zoom. Also included are two ultra-thin, adjustable LED light panels, an industrial mini-PC with Intel i7 processor, a studio-quality lavalier microphone with audio mixer, and a full HD monitor for viewing or quickly reviewing the recorded video content.


The GetyourStudio comes with a custom-made flight case, making the BASIC set compact, mobile, and quickly deployed on location. Setting up the studio and installing the hardware is easy and does not require any external AV specialists or IT help. If you prefer, GetyourStudio or one of our authorized partners can also manage the Installation of the GetyourStudio BASIC.


GetyourStudio BASIC is ideal for commercial organizations, healthcare, and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or government institutions that want to regularly make video content or stream it live on one of the well-known platforms such as GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, or Zoom.

GetyourStudio BASIC summary

  • Most affordable all-in-one studio from GetyourStudio

  • 1 remote controlled high-quality broadcast-quality PTZ camera

  • + all the necessary equipment to optimally adjust sound, light and images for recording and streaming

  • Streams flawlessly to platforms such as Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar or Webinargeek

  • All necessary control hardware built into a tailor-made flight case

  • With GetyourStudio StudioAssist software

  • Compact, mobile, and quickly deployed on location