• Stylish and ready-to-use decors for any video studio

    • Complete furnishing of in-house video studios, one-stop shopping
    • Standard and custom decors and furniture
    • Integrated approach, lighting, decor, and screens coordinated

A beautiful decor sets the ambiance and
overall look of your video studio

Even with the best cameras, lighting, and other audio-visual hardware, it's the furnishings and decor that truly bring the magic and set the ambiance. A simple pull-up banner or a plain white wall doesn't enhance a professional appearance. Let us guide you in creating a studio that's not just technically advanced, but also visually breathtaking.

Modular decor sets

Transform any office space into your own multifunctional video studio

With our flexible and modular set system, we offer seamless solutions that fit any environment. Whether it's a single backdrop or a fully furnished space, our system is tailored for it. Opt for a high-quality appearance that matches your corporate design.
  • Efficient, affordable, professional
  • From a single backdrop to an entire studio setup
  • Suitable for webinars, talk shows, interview-settings and more
  • Bring your brand to life with custom printed fabrics
  • Get a free 3D design

Custom-made decors

Looking for a truly unique studio for various video applications

Are you looking for a video studio with a unique, personal touch? GetyourStudio brings your vision to life by closely collaborating with professional studio designers. Multiple settings, a separate control room or not, makeup? Everything is possible with our custom solutions.

  • A holistic approach blending technology and aesthetics
  • Expertly tailored for a distinct and unique presence
  • Innovative solutions inspired by broadcast industry standards
  • Comprehensive 3D design as the foundation

Lighting frames

Serenity in the studio with functional lighting

Utilizing a lighting frame for studio illumination eliminates clutter, ensuring a sleek, professional studio free from excess cables and the hassle of frequently relocating lights. GetyourStudio provides standard frames in a variety of sizes, which can be mounted to the ceiling, the rear wall, or on sturdy steel columns.
  • Made from lightweight aluminum profiles
  • Available in various colors and sizes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Flexible mounting options

Furniture, screens, videowalls

The right setup for every video studio

From elegant webinar desks and talk show tables equipped with built-in LED lighting, to dynamic videowalls and an array of TV screens for wall mounting—GetyourStudio has everything you need to elevate your video setup.

  • A wide range of studio furniture, from talk show tables to sleek desks
  • A vast selection of standard products, ready for prompt delivery
  • Dynamic videowalls, versatile backdrop screens, and beyond

A video studio built for years of use

Tailored settings for every event, from webinars and talk shows to interviews, quarterly meetings, training sessions, and presentations.

  • Multifunctional (office) spaces for webinars, training sessions, talk shows, interview setups, and more.

  • 'Holistic' approach, everything in perfect harmony.

  • From consultation and design to execution, utilizing standard elements.

  • Our product line features ready-to-use backdrops, presentation desks, talk show tables, and more.

  • All under one roof: more efficient, cost-effective, and intelligent solutions.

All under one roof: more efficient, cost-effective, and intelligent solutions.

From A to Z

One-stop solution;
quicker, more affordable, and smarter.


For every type of event;
from webinars, interviews to talk shows.


From presentation desks to videowalls,
and backdrops to talk show tables.

The Expert

Many years of experience in crafting
versatile video studios.

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