GetyourStudio PRO XL

Turnkey, scalable video studio, ideal for everything from webinars to in-house talk shows.
Mobile, complete, and with smart automated directing software included.


GetyourStudio PRO XL is GetyourStudio's most comprehensive, ready-to-use studio. Three high-quality Full HD remote-controlled PTZ cameras combined with the necessary equipment to optimally record or stream images, sound, and light. With the GetyourStudio PRO XL, it is easy to create professional live streams or video content, entirely on your own, at your own location, in no time at all. You can use two, three, or even more camera positions.


A webinar, knowledge event, (product) training, talk show, or interview-like setting in a relaxed lounge set-up with nice armchairs. This is possible with GetyourStudio PRO XL, even with a limited budget. Due to the larger number of cameras, the autocue/teleprompter, and more studio lamps, including spots, LED panels, and RGB colored light, you can adjust the studio and the atmosphere to the desired application in no time at all. In addition, with GetyourStudio PRO XL, you can easily make television-like broadcasts, and your content becomes much more dynamic and interesting to watch.


The PRO XL version of GetyourStudio is standard equipped with three high-quality Full HD PTZ cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom), with 20x optical zoom. As a result, GetyourStudio PRO XL is a ready-to-use, all-in-one solution with the necessary equipment to record or stream with multiple cameras. In addition, GetyourStudio PRO XL can be effortlessly expanded to up to six cameras or six microphones.


All the GetyourStudio PRO XL hardware is built into a custom-made flight case, making the PRO XL set compact and mobile and quickly deployable on location. Setting up the studio and installing the hardware can be done independently. If you prefer, have a GetyourStudio specialist or one of our authorized partners take care of it for you.


GetyourStudio PRO XL is ideal for commercial organizations that regularly create video content or need content for (commercial) presentations, webinars, or e-learning programs. The multi-camera solution offers the flexibility to develop webinars, product training, talk show-like settings, interview settings, or any other type of broadcast. GetyourStudio PRO XL is a perfect solution for healthcare and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and government institutions.


GetyourStudio is controlled by StudioAssist, our smart video production software. With StudioAssist, you can live stream and/or record webinars, online training courses, talkshows, or presentations. In addition, other content such as interviews and knowledge events can be made quickly and easily. The GetyourStudio StudioAssist software was created with the idea of doing multi-camera video productions or live streams without the need of external AV specialists, directors, cameramen, or colleagues.


By full-service, we really mean full-service. In addition to supplying a complete package with all necessary hardware and software, GetyourStudio, or one of our authorized partners, also takes care of the entire installation, implementation, and training. GetyourStudio works with pre-assembled and fully coordinated, and tested hardware. That means the technical installation often takes no more than a day. We also train super-users and other users on GetyourStudio hardware and software. A standard part of our service provision is a service agreement allowing us to remotely monitor and solve any issues. Very handy if there is a problem or question just before the live broadcast.

GetyourStudio PRO XL in short

  • GetyourStudio's most comprehensive, turnkey studio
  • Three remote-controlled Full HD PTZ cameras
  • Automatically records the video stream and all separate camera feeds individually.
  • Ready-made scaleable video studio
  • For webinars, knowledge events, (product) training, a talk show, or interview-like setting, or any other setting
  • Stream and record in Full HD quality
  • Various expansions possible, up to a maximum of six cameras and six microphones
  • Extensive studio lighting, including spotlights, LED panels, and RGB colored light
  • All necessary equipment to optimally adjust sound, light, and image for video recording and streaming
  • Additional equipment such as Chroma-Key/Green screen and autocue/teleprompter
  • Multi-camera solution for presenting with several people or in groups
  • All necessary control hardware built into a wheeled custom flight case
  • StudioAssist, GetyourStudio's automated directing software
  • Streaming via RTMP or SRT to platforms such as Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, GoToWebinar, Webex, YouTube live, Vimeo or Facebook Live

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