GetyourStudio PRO XL

GetyourStudio PRO XL is the most comprehensive, ready-made studio from GetyourStudio.


GetyourStudio PRO XL is the most comprehensive, ready-made studio from GetyourStudio. High-quality broadcast-quality PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras in combination with all necessary equipment to optimally adjust and tune sound, light and images to record and stream. With GetyourStudio PRO XL, making professional quality live streams or video content is easy, entirely in-house, at your own location, in an instant. You can easily use two, three, or even more camera positions.


The PRO XL version of GetyourStudio includes two broadcast-quality video PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras with 20x optical zoom. Also included are four ultra-thin adjustable LED light panels, an industrial mini PC with Intel i7 processor, a studio-quality lavalier microphone with an audio mixer, and a full HD monitor for viewing or quickly reviewing recorded content. A 55-inch OLED screen for PowerPoint presentations, showing video clips or other content during the presentation or webinar, complements the studio.


The 6-channel HD Video Switcher makes it possible to control multiple cameras in the GetyourStudio PRO XL solution. The multi-camera solution is ideally suited for presentations, online training, or e-learning programs where several people must be seen, such as an interview setting with several people at a table. The PRO XL set comes standard with two PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras. Additional cameras can be added easily for maximum versatility.


A useful option is the teleprompter or autocue, that mounts under the camera, and shows the pre-made scripts or text read by the presenter. The scripts can be displayed at the desired speed via your smartphone or tablet.

The GetyourStudio control hardware fits into the included custom-made flight case. Although the PRO XL has a considerable amount of equipment, we made sure it was possible to fit everything into the mobile, easy to lift flight case, so that it can be used in other locations.


Setting up the studio and installing the hardware can be done yourself, but depending on the complexity of your video setup, GetyourStudio or one of our authorized partners can also manage the Installation of the GetyourStudio PRO XL.

GetyourStudio PRO XL is ideal for commercial organizations, healthcare, and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, or government institutions that regularly want to make video content, or need content for (commercial) presentations, webinars and e-learning programs. This multi-camera solution offers the possibility to present with several people or in groups.

GetyourStudio PRO XL summary

  • The most comprehensive, ready-made studio from GetyourStudio
  • 2 remote controlled high-quality broadcast-quality PTZ cameras
  • Includes all the necessary equipment to optimally adjust sound, light and images for recording and streaming
  • Includes additional equipment such as Chroma-key/ Greenscreen and autocue/teleprompter
  • Multi-camera solution for presenting with several people or presenting in groups.
  • With GetyourStudio StudioAssist software
  • All necessary control hardware built into a tailor-made flight case