Video production software for webinars, e-learnings, talk shows or any other digital event.

  • No need for external Audio/Video professionals anymore, completely Do-It-Yourself.
  • Switch between various sources. (cameras, handheld cameras, presentations, video clips, websites, remote Teams speakers, mobile phones, etc.).
  • Little or no video post-processing needed.


StudioAssist is the heart of the GetyourStudio solution. It is broadcaster software that allows for the easy creation of live streams and recordings for webinars, online training courses, presentations, interviews, and knowledge events. The GetyourStudio StudioAssist software was developed with the idea of doing as many video productions or live streams with multiple cameras by yourself, without the help of external AV specialists, directors, cameramen, or colleagues.


GetyourStudio is a complete video studio made for organizations that want or need to get started with video without hiring external AV companies. With the intuitive StudioAssist software, operating the studio equipment such as video mixers and audio mixers is greatly simplified. Controlling multiple cameras or multiple sources such as Powerpoint presentations, video clips, or other media has been simplified with StudioAssist. With the GetyourStudio software, everything is focused on creating and presenting content quickly on your own, instead of complicated technology.


With StudioAssist, you can save complete presentations, webinars, online training courses, online knowledge events, quarterly meetings, or other video productions as a project. The different parts can be called up during the broadcast with a remote control or an Elgato Stream Deck, a super handy small keyboard with predefined symbols.

The software is set up so that anyone can create their own live streams or recordings intuitively. If your project needs other people to operate the cameras, GetyourStudio can also be operated manually behind a director's table.


The GetyourStudio system includes built-in software with (very) extensive options, including software for the video mixer, the audio mixer, and the PTZ cameras. The software is necessary for all GetyourStudio equipment to work correctly and to communicate with each other. The StudioAssist software is an interface that shows the most important possibilities without being weighed down by an excess of options or buttons. For the experienced user or AV expert, advanced options are available that allow for even more control over details.


When starting with GetyourStudio software, you can use a template or project where all the necessary settings and options are preset. Everything can be captured in templates, whether for the camera circuits, zoom settings, various Powerpoint decks, or other media. You only have to think once about how a recording should look. When the broadcast starts, you call up the different events, or scenes, using a remote control or Stream Deck keyboard.


With GetyourStudio and the StudioAssist software, you can record videos or stream directly to all known platforms, such as Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar, Webex, Youtube, and Vimeo. You only have to enter your login details in StudioAssist software once, and it will automatically work for future videos. With a USB cable, You can also connect and stream from your laptop. All video material is recorded in HD on an SD card, ensuring there is always a backup.


All GetyourStudio studios come with a very easy to use control panel, (with either six or fifteen buttons). The control panel works closely with the GetyourStudio software, and all buttons can be changed to static or dynamic icons. Multiple actions can be performed with a single tap. This way, you can easily switch cameras, choose the different positions of the camera, change zooms, mute or switch on the microphones, and more. The control panel gives you countless possibilities for more dynamic live streams and recordings without the need for a director or cameraman.


StudioAssist has many handy options that make live-streaming and video recording run smoother and more dynamically without complicated post-processing afterward. Some examples are:

  • Sound presets
  • Presets for cameras (PTZ, Pan, Tilt, or Zoom)
  • Picture in Picture with different standard sizes and positions
  • Stream directly to the well-known platforms including Zoom, Teams, GoToWebinar, YouTube, Vimeo, and more
  • Integration with Elgato Stream Deck
  • Easy integration of media such as PowerPoint decks or recorded videos

GetyourStudio StudioAssist

With StudioAssist you can make, without technical knowledge, professional multi-camera video productions for webinars, e-learnings, talk shows or any other digital events.

  • Switch between various sources (cameras, handheld cameras, presentations, video clips, websites, remote Teams speakers, mobile phones, etc.).

  • No need for external Audio/Video professionals anymore, completely Do-It-Yourself.

  • Little or no video post-processing needed.

  • Record or livestream to well-known platforms such as Vimeo, Teams, Facebook Live, BigMarker, Webex, etc.
  • Presets for sound and presets for cameras and camera settings.
  • Picture in Picture with different standard sizes and positions.
  • Livestream function via mobile phone (live interviews or live to social media).
  • Greenscreen/Chromakey integration.
  • Lower thirds/graphic overlay function for e.g. titles and names, logos, but also newsfeeds or results/scoreboards. (*August 2022).

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Download here the manual of GetyourStudio StudioAssist, broadcaster software.