You don’t need years of film academy nor all the knowledge surrounding codecs or plugs to bring your company’s message across. With GetyourStudio systems everyone can start right away: no more slow processes selecting the right devices or extensive learning curves for software training. At the heart of our systems, you will find our in-house-developed software. We have conjoined decennia of professional studio and video-editing software into a user-friendly interface that everyone understands.

All of the selected components work seamlessly together with our software. No driver installations or any of that troublesome stuff. Next to that, our support team is on standby to help you where needed. The following videos clearly illustrate the uniqueness of GetyourStudio. Still not convinced after seeing them?
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How to get a professional video studio?

The studio basics

What is needed to get a professional video studio?
Sebastiaan shortly explains what is needed to create a good video. A studio starts with a good location. How spacious should it be and what else does such a room require?
What options are there for the furnishing?
Camera, light, and sound should cooperate with one another in a seamless manner. How is it possible for one person to control everything in our studios?
Could this person also be the presenter?

Watch this introduction video where we take you through the basics of a video studio.

Integrate a smartphone as a video source?

Smartphone in a live-stream

For many people, the smartphone has become an indispensable part of everyday life. Much of our life is stored on these devices, both professionally and privately. Wouldn't it be nice if you could enhance a video presentation by integrating your smartphone into GetyourStudio as a video source? Just show a LinkedIn profile, share an Insta post or laugh together about a TikTok hype. But also how do our relations see us on our social media and apps?

Thanks to the GetyourStudio Wireless Share it is possible to use a smartphone or tablet as source; without cables! The possibilities are almost limitless. Our control system has standard options to show the image horizontally or vertically. For example, you can explain apps, show social media content or share photos and videos. It is even possible to share the camera of the smartphone or tablet.

Curious about how this works? Our expert Sebastiaan explains it in this video.

A presentation desk or a meeting table?

Studio design and decors

A decor is more than the representation of the house style. A decor largely determines what kind of content you can create in it. Do you opt for a presentation desk or a conference table?
Which camera choices do you have to make and is all that possible in a small studio?
Many people think that everything is filmed in a so-called 'green studio' these days. The opposite is true. Of course, this is also possible with GetyourStudio thanks to the advanced technology in our software. Keep in mind that the studios of the national broadcasters often use 'green screen' technology costing hundreds of thousands of euros.
Sebastiaan explains in this video the possibilities with GetyourStudio.

Camera choices?

Only the number of cameras matters

GetyourStudio has opted for a specific type of camera. Why this type and what its advantages are, Sebastiaan explains in this video. Which story you want to tell largely determines the studio layout.

Are you going to work with a presentation desk or will it be an interview setting? The setting also determines the number of cameras and possibilities for more dynamics in the video.

As you can see in this video, multiple camera angles were used. If you know in advance which crops you want, you can easily pre-program this in our camera and operation is really a piece of cake.

Curious about the possibilities for your organisation?

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