The GetyourStudio Colored lighting / DMX package


Light controllers / Light management

Give your studio a different color and appearance at the touch of a button or adapt it directly to your own house style. You can also give the decor various colors during different parts of the broadcast, just like a professional talk show or other television programs. This is now possible with the DMX/RGB package from GetyourStudio. GetyourStudio's DMX/RGB package is perhaps the most user-friendly way to take something very complex and make it super simple. The specially adapted controller has only six programmable buttons. Each button has its own programmable color that corresponds to the desired color of the light.

Curious about the possibilities for your organisation?

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Quickly switch from a webinar setup with a desk, back wall and 2 cameras to a talk show setting with multiple cameras and multiple people at the table. Or experience how an interview setting works in a relaxed lounge setting. Have you ever thought of a Greenscreen with Chromakey, you can also experience that in the GetyourStudio demo studios. Make an appointment now to view and experience the GetyourStudio demo studios.