Additional ready-made packages

More light, more dynamics, more appearance

It is well known that light is essential. Good light is also indispensable for webinars and video studios. Even just a couple of years ago, people were still satisfied with one or a few lamps. Recently the importance of better and different light sources has increased significantly. That includes light sources such as spotlights, colored (RGB) lighting, and light from behind such as backlights or hairlights. More light ultimately provides more dynamics and more tension in the image. That means the viewer will remain fascinated longer and will be less likely to drop off. We supply a few standard light packages in line with GetyourStudio's philosophy. So no expensive inventories or lighting plans, the various lighting solutions from GetyourStudio can be used immediately for most in-house webinars or video studios. We also include user-friendly and straightforward control options, such as the DMX controller with only six buttons.