What to Consider When Choosing the Best Webinar Software?

Webinars are a powerful tool in the modern business world, both for internal communication and for reaching a wider audience. However, to organize effective webinars, you need the right software. Choosing the right webinar software can be a challenge given the abundance of options currently available. Each software has its unique features, and it's important to know which elements are crucial for your needs. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing webinar software.

  1. Functionalities:
    It's essential to know what functionalities the software offers. Do you need interactive features such as polls, Q&A, chat, and whiteboards? Would you like the option to record and download webinars? These functionalities can greatly influence the participants' experience, so it's important to choose software that meets your requirements.

  2. Ease of Use:
    How intuitive and user-friendly is the software? The interface should be easy to navigate for both the presenter and the participants. If the software is too complicated, it can frustrate both the presenter and the participants and detract from the content of the webinar.

  3. Integrations:
    Check what integrations the software offers. Can it integrate with your current CRM, email marketing software, or social media platforms? Integrations can greatly simplify the process of managing and promoting your webinars.

  4. Scalability:
    Can the software grow with your needs? If you expect your webinars to grow over time, make sure the software gives you the option to add more participants without technical problems.

  5. Price:
    Price is, of course, an important consideration. Some webinar platforms offer a free version, while others have monthly or annual subscriptions. Consider your budget and make sure you pay for the features you really need.

  6. Reliability and Customer Service:
    Finally, how reliable is the software? Check online reviews and customer feedback to see if the software is known for technical problems. It's also important to find out what support the company offers in case of technical issues.

  7. Reliability and Support:
    Reliability is crucial - the last thing you want is technical issues during your webinar. Look at reviews and customer feedback to get an idea of the reliability of the software. In addition, good customer service is essential. How quickly and effectively does the provider respond to problems? Do they offer 24/7 support? Is remote support available? These are all important questions to ask.

Choosing the right webinar software is an important decision that can have a significant impact on the success of your webinars. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed choice that will help you deliver effective and engaging webinars.

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Below are some examples of commonly used webinar environments with a brief overview of their main advantages and disadvantages:


Kaltura is a leading open-source video platform for publishing, managing, and analyzing video content. Suitable for both educational and business environments, it is known for its flexibility, scalability, and security features. Features: Brand website, real-time notifications, live polls, Q&A, live captioning, participant invitation, group chat, 1-on-1 networking, recording publication, marketing integrations. Disadvantages: Pricey, no side-by-side PowerPoint & camera.


BigMarker is a versatile webinar and video platform that offers live streaming, video conferencing, and automated webinars. With features for personalization and integration, it enables companies to host interactive and engaging online events. The platform emphasizes ease of use and interaction possibilities. Features: Customizable landing page, live polls, Q&A, separate PowerPoint, dial-in speakers, group chat, recording publication, EU data compliant. Disadvantages: Many options, somewhat complex.

Vimeo Live

Vimeo Live is a service by Vimeo that allows users to stream and record live video content. Known for its high-quality video broadcasts, professionally looking customizable landing pages, and seamless integration with the Vimeo environment, Vimeo Live offers creatives and businesses a premium live streaming experience. Features: Customizable landing page, live polls, Q&A, group chat, recording publication, Virtual Event, online editor. Disadvantages: No side-by-side PowerPoint & camera.

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BlueJeans is a video conferencing solution that offers seamless HD video and audio meetings. Focusing on simplicity, interoperability, and quality, it enables users from various devices and platforms to effortlessly join conversations. With features like recording, screen sharing, and real-time analytics, BlueJeans positions itself as a choice for companies seeking a reliable and advanced communication tool.

Features: Simple interface, session moderation, stream to platforms, high audio quality, external presenters, title bars, captioning (70+ languages), 24/7 support, GDPR Compliant. Disadvantages: Limited landing page.


Livestorm is a browser-based webinar and video meetings platform. Offering automated webinars, live polls, and real-time analytics, it's ideal for online training and product demos. With marketing integrations and GDPR compliance, Livestorm is a holistic choice for companies hosting online events and meetings. Features: Own landing page, (live) polls, Q&A, co-hosts, add-ons, private chat, quick recording download, GDPR Compliant. Disadvantages: Active contacts pricing, unclear RTMP costs.

YouTube Live

YouTube Live is YouTube's streaming service for real-time video broadcasts, featuring chat interaction, recording storage, and analytics. Ideal for events, tutorials, and live broadcasts. Features: High streaming quality, stability, recording download and edit, ease of use. Disadvantages: Limited branding, no landing page, no anonymous chat, and advertisements during streams.


Webinargeek is a user-friendly webinar platform with features for branding, live interaction, and analysis. Focusing on seamless presentations, it offers tools like polls and quizzes for an interactive experience. Popular among companies looking to expand their online reach. Features: Ease of use, branding, GDPR-proof, Dutch support, polls and quizzes, up to 4000 viewers, side-by-side camera. Disadvantages: Limited via RTMP, chat-only support.

These are just some of the best-known webinar platforms, each with its specific pros and cons. GetyourStudio has experience with almost every platform, feel free to ask us for comprehensive advice.

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